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Top 3 Websites/Apps for Learning English

Want to rapidly and at times that suit you develop your language skills? Fortunately, there is no lack of sites where you may learn English, but it might be challenging to come across a good one that meets your specific requirements.

I've looked into and evaluated a few of the top websites for learning English in general and for particular needs. Find your ideal match right now by looking through the list below.


Italki can put you in touch with instructors that are skilled at providing one-on-one English lessons if you want an online tutor who will give you their whole attention. You may use a learning plan that Italki has created just for you after utilizing its search tools to identify your ideal teacher.

For instance, if you want to improve your professional chances, instructors may provide individualized business English classes to help you speak with confidence in the workplace. They may also assist you if you wish to improve your English before a scheduled vacation.

Additionally, Italki offers instructional resources created by curriculum specialists to support your one-on-one or group lessons. While not in class, practice your English grammar, reading, listening, and writing abilities by completing tasks on the Italki website or mobile learning app.

The pros are that you can have online classes with tutors at flexible times, learn English with human teachers and have tailor-made classes for you.


In addition to teaching students the words they need for everyday conversations, Babbel gives users helpful explanations of grammar in their own languages. If you are a beginner, this feature can help you understand how grammar works better.

Once you've learned new grammar or vocabulary, you can use Babbel's app or website to take quick quizzes and play games to test what you've learned.


  • There are explanations of English grammar in many languages.

  • Review sessions to help you remember what you've learned


  • Pay an fee to get access to all tools and materials.

  • No way to talk with other students.


Since The 40's, the BBC has helped people learn new languages. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that its website, BBC Learning English, has good learning materials.

It has video lessons, radio shows, multiple-choice quizzes, and articles about different things, like news stories, strange words, and how to say words. There aren't any interactive speaking classes, which is a shame. But this is one of the best free websites for learning English if all you want is a self-study course.


There are more good sites than ever to help you learn English. Most of them, though, are meant for a wide range of people, so they rarely have materials that are designed to help you reach your own language learning goals.


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