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Understanding the Benefits of Learning English for Travel and Business

Learning English can be really helpful when you travel or do business. But did you know that it can also help you with other languages when you travel around the world?

Think of it like a special deal: learn one language, and you might get another one for free!

There are many languages that have similar words, and some of them are used in the same way in different countries in Europe and other parts of the world.

Some words are almost the same in many countries. Words like "airport," "bank," "taxi," "information," and "hotel" are very similar in lots of European countries and other places too.

There are also some words that might not be exactly the same but can still be useful when you're on vacation.

For example, the word "location" is a good word to know. It's used in countries like Romania ("lokatie") and Indonesia ("lokasi"). You might need to say it a bit differently because of the local accent, but people will understand you.

Sometimes, words are the same in different languages, even if you don't expect it. In Romania and Serbia, they use the word "spontan" to mean spontaneous. It's a word that's surprisingly common in other places too, like Germany, France, and Malay. This can be handy if you want to make friends while traveling or if you're talking about yourself on a date!

In Spain, they use a different word for dating. They say "feeling" to talk about the connection between two people. If they say there's no "feeling," it means they don't want to go on another date!

Sometimes, you need to think a bit to see the connection between words. For example, in Portugal, they say "desconto" for "discount." In Malay, it's "diskaun," in Spanish, it's "descuento," and in Italian, it's "sconto."

So, learning English not only helps you when you travel and do business, but it also lets you discover cool connections between languages.


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