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Wine Helps Woman Survive Five Days in Australian Bush

A woman named Lillian Ip found herself stranded in the Australian bush after taking a wrong turn during a road trip. With no water, except for a box of juice, a few snacks, and a bottle of wine she had bought as a gift, Ip faced a daunting challenge to survive for five days until rescue.

Ip, who rarely drinks alcohol, resorted to consuming the wine to quench her thirst. The 48-year-old had ventured into the unpopulated bush in Victoria when she realized her mistake. Despite attempting to turn around, her car became stuck in mud, leaving her unable to free it. Adding to her distress, her phone was also non-functional.

After enduring five nights alone, Ip was eventually discovered by a rescue helicopter. Her determination had waned, and she had even composed a farewell letter to her family expressing her love. Located approximately 60 kilometers away from the nearest town, she chose to remain by her car due to health concerns, which ultimately aided in her rescue.

Upon her rescue, Ip's first requests were for water and a cigarette. Although she was taken to a hospital for examination, she was soon discharged to recover at home. Reflecting on her experience, she acknowledged the need to be better prepared in the future.


Are you good at dealing with stressful situations?

Which of your friends or family would be the best person to have around in an emergency situation?

Have you ever helped someone out of trouble?

Do you think you'd make a good rescue worker?

Who would you say are the bravest people you know?


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