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Young South Koreans Are Less Interested In Marriage

A government report in South Korea reveals that young people are becoming less interested in getting married. A survey conducted by Statistics Korea among Koreans aged 19 to 34 found that only 36% have a positive view of marriage. This is a significant drop from 56% in 2012.

The report suggests that many young Koreans feel they lack the financial means to afford marriage, especially considering the high cost of living. Some also believe that getting married isn't necessary.

Furthermore, the report indicates that only 28% of women surveyed have a positive view of marriage. This could be because more women prioritize their careers before marriage and starting a family.

Earlier this year, Statistics Korea reported that the number of marriages in the country in 2022 hit an all-time low, with just 192,000 marriages. This marks the 11th consecutive year of declining marriage rates.

The government is concerned about these trends and has been making efforts to encourage young people to marry and have children since the country's birth rate is also decreasing. However, an increasing number of Koreans are choosing to stay single, and there is even a term, "bihon," for people who decide not to marry. Instead of pushing for marriage, some are urging the government to provide more support for single individuals who prefer to live independently.

Part 2: Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Declining: Becoming smaller, fewer, or less.

Prioritize: To give more importance or attention to one thing over another.

Financial means: Having enough money or resources to do something.

Encouraging: Giving support, confidence, or hope to someone.

Birth rate: The number of births per 1,000 people in a population.

Independent: Able to live or act without needing help from others.

Surveyed: Included in a study or questionnaire to gather information.

Trends: The general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Consecutive: Following in uninterrupted sequence.

Word: A term or expression used to describe or refer to something specific.

Part 3: Questions from the Text

What does the government report in South Korea reveal about young people and marriage?

How has the percentage of young Koreans with a positive view of marriage changed since 2012?

Why do many young Koreans feel they cannot afford marriage, according to the report?

Why might women in South Korea be less enthusiastic about marriage, according to the report?


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